Buying real estate – from vision to reality

Buying an apartment in Paris, a property in Provence, a castle or a cabin in the mountains, etc ... are undeniably interesting visions. However, their implementation is often very difficult and project management, sometimes at a distance, may become a source of fatigue, stress and loss of time and money. In summary, the sense of excitement of departure can quickly turn into a big frustration.
Experience shows that even if financial resources are important in the purchase of real estate, success is often a real expertise, connections and efficient management of the project.

While traditional real estate agents tend to push prestigious properties in their portfolio, Luxurious French Propertie gives you access to all properties, and especially the most interesting, often outside the formal market. Our in-depth view of the market leads to a short list of properties that you submitted with detailed information. We can then discuss each option frankly to organize visits efficient and productive assets that you'll eventually selected and you avoid wasting your time visiting properties that do not match your needs.

Management of your property – a sustainable and quality service after the purchase of your property

If you need personnel to monitor or maintain the property in order, we can help you put someone in place. We can also manage the rental of the property under a commercial rental.
Luxurious French Properties always listens to your needs in all aspects of your property purchase!


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